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“We move property.”

For Personalized selling, nobody comes close.


Because every seller is as unique as their property, we create a personalized selling solution for every listing. Before we “get” your listing, we want to “get” you. Understanding your unique situation allows us to deliver exactly what you need to get results.

With an unequaled level of discretion and personalized attention, our clients enjoy the best of both worlds: a company that is small and nimble enough to meet a seller’s needs, with the essential infrastructure and resources of a large national marketing firm.

At Link Real Estate, we position your property to move quickly and at the highest possible price. We are skilled at knowing how to assess buyer qualifications and weigh or anticipate other factors that can make or break a deal. Our marketing team analyzes the target market for your property and develops a customized marketing campaign.

How We Market

Link Real Estate utilizes integrated marketing which includes traditional media (advertising, signage, MLS, direct mail and public relations). We combine the traditional marketing with behavioral targeting & with digital marketing to identify and reach the largest pool of potential buyers. Once we identify the target audience, we utilize social media to generate interest and relationship marketing and perseverance to close the deal.

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Link Real Estate can connect you with everything you need to effectively sell your property. For more information, contact us at 401 289-2600, or email us with the information below. Tracy LeRoux, our Principal Broker, will get back to you.

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