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There’s nothing stopping you, except perhaps yourself.Whatever your role in the agency, you should be able to work in a way, and with results, that would not be possible elsewhere. If you think you have what it takes to be part of our dynamic and diverse team, check for job postings regularly. The Link Agency is a rapidly growing creative environment with a strong Agency culture, so keep a lookout – we always place our postings on Monster.com®



We’re happy to help bright & dedicated students in their quest to get started on their careers in marketing. The Link Agency internship program is designed to introduce students to the “real world” of advertising and marketing by providing them with the opportunity to gain experience and apply their formal education to actual work situations. All internships are posted on http://internships.com


The Link Agency offers internships in the following departments:

Account Service:

These teams must know everything about the Client from their business strategy to key competitors. This group is responsible for building the foundation for the Agency’s relationship with the Client, and making sure the Client’s objectives are met.

Business Development:

This team searches for opportunities and coordinates all new business pitches to potential clients.


This team investigates who is watching, reading, listening, and looking at what, and exactly how often and when they are doing it. This team is also responsible for planning, negotiating, and purchasing the time (spots) for radio and television commercials, as well as space for print work and outdoor boards.

Content Development:

This team researches and writes. In essence, they develop the voice for our client’s brands. Content Developers write for the web, books, magazines and newspapers, conferences, television, and radio.


This team establishes solid relationships with industry consultants and press to generate positive public awareness of the Agency. This team also works to develop and execute PR programs for clients across various industries.


These tactical teams include video journalists, graphic designers, video editors, event coordinators, social media producers and project managers who are both technical, organized, and love working under pressure to deliver for our clients.




To apply for an internship, please check our posts on http://internships.com Please note that The Link Agency interns must be enrolled in school as college-level juniors, seniors, or graduate students. Check with your college or university, as you may be eligible to receive credit for The Link Agency internship. Internships are offered during all semesters including summer.

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