It’s all Relative

It’s All Relative

This growing family of six with two dogs was already busting at the seams, but with two in-laws moving in, their 1,492-sq ft. home offered too little space, too much togetherness.

Key Facts:

• Kids needed room to grow and a big yard to play
• Daughter-in-law wanted a big, beautiful kitchen and a little privacy
• In-laws wanted a separate space, complete with in-home office
• Found a large 3 family fixer-upper that fit the bill, as well as the family.
• Moved family into their new home first so their smaller home could be staged and promptly sold

Key Difference:

Vision—Before providing the inspiration to convert the three-family into a two-family with office, we did more than just listen to everyone’s needs—we listed them on a “Vision Board” so that everyone could visualize and buy in to how great the new place could be.

500 Bullocks Point Ave, Riverside Rhode Island

500 Bullocks Point Ave

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