Two Agents Who Compliment Each Other

AS PUBLISHED IN EAST BAY NEWSPAPERS – Scott Bean and Randi Giles of The Link Agency are the best of both worlds of copy writing and graphic design. Now working at The Link Agency, the pair bring a host of knowledge and expertise together.

Prior to earning her real estate license Randi studied design at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly Mass, and received her BFA in 2012. Randi has been working for The Link Agency for three years as the senior graphic designer and has recently embarked on her real estate career.

Scott was born and raised in Middlebury, Conn.,, where he lived until moving to Barrington 20 years ago. Since graduating from Lake Forest College, he has worked at advertising agencies and marketing firms in New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island, mostly as a freelance copywriter. While doing work for The Link Agency in Warren, which is both marketing and real estate firm, he was inspired by its founder and principal broker, Tracy LeRoux, to pursue his real estate sales license.

Why real estate career?

Scott: “It’s a great compliment to my other job as a freelance writer. While writing is solidarity, real estate enables me to get out and about and meet all sorts of interesting people I wouldn’t know otherwise.”

Randi: “I think my interest in real estate stems back to my childhood. My mother and stepfather bought property practically every few years. My stepfather is a master carpenter and my mother has a knack for finding the least expensive properties in the best locations. They would either build a totally new home or renovate the existing one. I too really love finding diamonds in the rough.”

What did you do before real estate?

Scott: “I’ve been an advertising copywriter for 35 years – I still am. Oddly enough, the first marketing project I ever worked on was writing promotional materials for Previews’ Luxury properties. So, in a sense, I feel as if I’ve been in real estate for decades. There are more parallels between these seemingly different careers, too. Both are based on creating an understanding of clients’ needs and finding a solution that satisfies them. You have to be creative, empathetic, flexible and persistent. Like developing and ad campaign, you might come up with 10 great ideas before one of them comes to fruition.”

Randi: “Before working in real estate I went to a small art school and studied design. Currently I still work as a full-time graphic designer, and I love it!”


Scott: “One of the reasons why I like real estate is that many of my hobbies compliment it – gardening, carpentry, landscaping, cooking.”

Randi: “Lately I’ve been going to a lot of concerts in Providence and Boston. I love to see live performances. I also recently went to a life drawing class, and I am getting back into drawing.”

Who has been an inspiration in your life?

Scott: “I didn’t have to look too far from home to find inspiration. I had great parents, both of whom had many friends and were widely admired for their good natures, good manners, and solid values.”

Randi: My mother inspires me because she is an amazing, smart, independent and confident lady. And if I had to choose a famous figure, I would say Ernest Shackleton for his leadership and overall perseverance.

Advice for first-time homebuyers?

Scott: “I’d give the same advice I give many buyers – get your finances squared away before you start looking at homes. Shop around for the best financing you can find, and get pre-approved. By knowing exactly how much you can afford you’ll save a lot of time and trouble.”

Randi: “I am such an advocate for home ownership. I think it is a great investment and there is an amazing sense of pride when it comes to owning a place of your own. If you are a first time home buyer I think the most important thing is to make sure your finances are in order first. There’s nothing worse than missing out on the opportunity to buy because you don’t have financing figured out yet. Don’t do that!”

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