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Debunking the Scary Myths of Home Buying

Forget all the myths you’ve been scared into believing when it comes to home buying. Myth busters at The Link Agency are here to set the record straight when it comes to purchasing your home, whether it’s your first or fifth.


  • “The First Step to Home buying is Looking for Your Home”

This is never the first step, unfortunately. As fun as looking online or around town for your perfect home may be, it can lead ultimately to extreme heartbreak when it comes to cost and a slew of other variables. What could be your dream home on the outside could be infested with bugs, cost more than it’s worth, be in a bad area or have some crazy haunted history to it. It’s important to do a lot of research on homes in the area and what you can afford before you even start looking, that includes first and foremost a meeting with your realtor to set a game plan.


  • “You Don’t Need a Home Inspection”

Save yourself the money in the long run and get the home inspection done before it’s too late. Living in a house that is not sound or has a bug infestation is the last thing you want to deal with after purchasing the home of your dreams. Though you may be worried that your perfect home could be sold in a split second to someone else who waived the home inspection, you do not want to be the person stuck with a leaky pipe to fix after all is said and done. Spend the money on a very thorough inspection, because most problems aren’t the most visible.


  • “The Asking Price is Set in Stone”

The offer you make on a house does not need to be the asking price. If you have stellar credit, pre-approval, and a down payment ready to go, sellers might be more willing to negotiate then wait for another offer to come around. Plus, if your home inspection turns up issues, you can use those to your advantage in negotiations.


  • “School’s don’t matter if You Don’t Have Kids”

You and your partner may be enjoying the honeymoon life, but after years in your home you may find a change of heart. Ensuring that the neighboring schools are good ensures that your home is worth its value in the future. Moreover, the neighborhood you choose matters. Even if you never have children, good schools are a sign of a good neighborhood. That means a safe commute to work and safety on your walk down the street.


  • “You Don’t Need an Agent”

Perhaps the scariest myth of them all. Going solo when it comes to home buying is not the way to go. Working with professionals to make your dream home a reality can help you avoid a lot of headaches that come with home buying. From negotiations to their vast array of knowledge and search power in reality, they’re professionals for a reason. Professionals at the Link Agency are just a call away to help you find your happy place.

Posted by    |   October 10th, 2017

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