Working with Goya Foods was a labor of love. Cooking for family is one of the agency CEO’s favorite past times, and ethnic cuisine is a natural fit for an agency with a staff as diverse as the bean varieties within the Goya line.

On the East Coast, Goya literally ‘owned’ entire aisles within most grocery store chains and dominated packaged goods shelf space at independent grocers and Bodega’s. So when Goya hired us to help them with growth west of the Mississippi, discovery was an easy process – stand in the aisles and wait, shop and talk. So we did just that – 62 stores, at 11 chains, in 15 states. We talked to over 2,000 consumers before winning the business.


1) Goya is a pantry staple

2) Mealtime unites the family

3) Goya customers are as diverse as their 1,500 sku’s

4) You can make anything better with Goya


Goya was blessed. Their customers were very brand loyal, and many viewed the company as an integral part of their community. Our job was to model this 67 year-old formula for success and broaden the brand’s appeal to help the brand expand west of the Mississippi.

Our approach, albeit grass-roots, capitalized upon the popularity of Food Network, Nuevo Latino and organic cuisine and the growing number of famous chef’s across the country.

The campaign had three major components

1) a recipe-driven advertising and PR campaign focused on community newspapers, local magazines and local editions of National culinary consumer and trade magazines.

2) a chef’s table series held at top restaurants in 14 local markets.

3) strategic trade initiatives to engage trade publicity and initial interest from Wal-Mart and Whole Foods.

We forged relationships with top food and business editors, generated over 10,000 PR clips including being featured with celebrity couples on Dateline, and were successful in helping to get Goya launched at Whole Foods and Wal-Mart.


They are passionate about helping other succeed and pull from their many years of experience of building brands. They were instrumental in getting our brand launched by providing strong advice on steps to take in the process. The Link team helped us figure out the best techniques for our market."

-Mark Morrison, VP, Sara Lee Coffee and Tea Division