Gold Medal


Gold Medal Bakery is the one of the country’s largest private label bread manufacturers. The Company has 100 plus years of operational experience
producing the highest quality bread products including natural, whole grain and premium selections in two fully automated, highly efficient, totally computerized plant. Gold Medal works with top supermarkets and smaller food stores to provide a complete line of bread and bagel products, and Gold Medal owns its vast distribution network – delivering thousands of loaves daily and offering guaranteed delivery by 8:00 a.m.

Founded in 1912, Gold Medal Bakery had a foundation of success making high quality breads for supermarket and grocery stores. However, as the
new millennium arrived, so did the gluten-free craze causing shoppers to skip the bread aisle whenever possible.

Gold Medal Bakery’s objective was to continue the long-standing success they had achieved despite the gluten-free shift in diets. The Link Agency worked with the Company and strategically developed new initiatives to position Gold Medal Bakery for continued stability.

The Link Agency embarked on a research project to examine the category (including the gluten-free trend), the competition and the Gold Medal brand. We uncovered several key insights.

To start, we developed a new corporate identity combining the
Company’s heritage and its 21st century capabilities. Gold Medal felt the new identity so accurately portrayed their brand that they wanted to embark on a full-blown trade advertising campaign. Instead, The Link Agency recommended using the network of 250 delivery trucks as “moving billboards.” The costs of production to wrap the trucks was comparable to the cost of a media campaign, but the trucks

maximize Gold Medal’s return on investment daily as they move across the Eastern Seaboard. In addition, results from the gluten-free trend research helped us develop new product ideas that Gold Medal quickly turned around to target the growing gluten-conscious consumer-segment. Everything from gluten-free breads to smaller loaf offerings helped begin paving the way for success in the millennium!


They are passionate about helping other succeed and pull from their many years of experience of building brands. They were instrumental in getting our brand launched by providing strong advice on steps to take in the process. The Link team helped us figure out the best techniques for our market."

-Mark Morrison, VP, Sara Lee Coffee and Tea Division