The Link Agency is one of the few companies that still creates branding using the traditional process passed down from the father’s of advertising. This process begins with a creative concept. Brand building is an ongoing process that should always be a core focus of your business, because a powerful brand can thrive and support a business through any macro-environmental factor that comes along.

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When you build a brand, you’re building long-term, sustainable, organic growth. While there is no spot on the balance sheet for “brand,” brand value is an asset that every business should work continually to build. Powerful brands develop as people begin to believe the brand promise based on their experiences with that brand. Those experiences develop into perceptions and expectations. If your brand doesn’t meet consumer expectations in every customer interaction, they’ll become confused and turn away from your brand in search of one that does meet their expectations in every interaction.


They are passionate about helping other succeed and pull from their many years of experience of building brands. They were instrumental in getting our brand launched by providing strong advice on steps to take in the process. The Link team helped us figure out the best techniques for our market."

-Mark Morrison, VP, Sara Lee Coffee and Tea Division