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The Owl Network

The OWL Network
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Lifecycle Marketing

Marketing Can No Longer Rely on the Funnel

One of the central concepts of marketing and sales is the funnel — through which companies are supposed to systematically move prospects from awareness through consideration to purchase.

But consumers are now more informed, connected, and empowered than ever. Does the funnel still work in a digital, social, mobile age?

We asked some of the leading marketers in the world — from companies like Google, Intuit, Sephora, SAP, Twitter, and Visa — to assess the relevance of the marketing funnel. What we found says as much about the future of business as it does about the future of marketing.

According to these marketers, the primary problem with the funnel is that the buying process is no longer linear. Prospects don’t just enter at the top of the funnel; instead, they come in at any stage. Furthermore, they often jump stages, stay in a stage indefinitely, or move back and forth between them.

In most businesses, it costs roughly seven times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one, and yet companies continue to disproportionately spend their budgets into the “wrong” phase of the lifecycle – the mass media or awareness side.

Focusing on people, process, promotion and place and integrating efforts across the entire lifecycle essentially acts as a multiplier for future business. The economic impact of an active, engaged and loyal customer is tremendous. With a renewed focus and energy on customer experience, it is possible to grow your sales, while decreasing your budget – in other words, getting more for less.

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